GreenCare brings upcycled plastic waste to upholstery


With Seaqual, we launched the GreenCare concept at Heimtextil 2020 in Frankfurt, Germany. GreenCare is our new collection with 100% recycled and recyclable upholstery fabrics, GRS-certified. We have engineered these fabrics with recycled yarns from regular post-consumer PET bottles from the oceans, landfills and upcycled cotton from garments.


GreenCare yarns are made from upcycled marine PET waste, and we are delighted to be part of the few Seaqual-licensed mills in the world today. One of the major benefits of using recycled polyester yarns is that the production does not require the usage of new petroleum, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint. It also creates 75% less CO2 emission compared to the use of virgin polyester.


In this way, we meet the increasing demand for greater ecological awareness from our customers and from society alike. The future belongs to those who take it, so we at Tessutica, with our two signature brands Beaulieu Fabrics and Ragolle Fabrics have made the decision to offer our customers a true green choice.

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